bridging the gap between academia and human rights practice

About Us

The Bridge is an officially registered Vienna-based NGO run by graduate students from the Vienna Human Rights Masters. The intention behind the organisation is to bridge the gap between academia and human rights practice. Via interdisciplinary projects, events and interactive discussions, we aim to create a space for constructive dialogue so as to productively contribute to the human rights canon.

A particular focus of The Bridge is to do grassroots work and collaborate with other NGOs both in Vienna and elsewhere. We also post monthly blogs related to human rights work.

We invite any student or human rights practitioner, academic or activist to join us in raising awareness about some of the more pressing issues of our contemporary world.


Interreligiose und Interkulturelle Begegnung 2017 – Stift Melk

Inter-religious and Intercultural Meeting at the Monestary Melk


Representatives of The Bridge were invited to participate in a workshop about how to develop a productive and respectful space for inter-religious and intercultural dialogue within our contemporary society. The event took place at the Stift Melk where governmental officials, NGOs, religious leaders and civil society contributed to the day’s proceedings.